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  • Air Force leaders issue Memorial Day message

    To the Airmen of the United States Air Force and their Families:As we pause this Memorial Day to honor those who have died in service of our great Nation, it is also useful to reflect on what this day of remembrance reveals about the character of our Nation and its people. History records that Major

  • It was the ride of my life

    In 1979, I was fresh out of technical school and in my first assignment working maintenance for fighter jets. After landing at 11 p. m. the pilot reported two discrepancies in the fighter jet, evidence of leaking hydraulic fluid and oil. By this time we were cleaning the shop, turning in tool boxes

  • A Lesson in Courage

    In war there are units that acquire what  would appear to be an unenviable nick-name, "Purple Heart Outfit". During WWII there was one such unit, which also happens to be the most highly decorated unit in the history of the American armed forces. In WWII this unit won 21 Medals of Honor, a

  • Thaddeus Kosciusko

    From time to time one will hear the United States described as the 'Great Melting Pot', or in reference to President Kennedy, "A Nation of Immigrants". One need only go to any of a number of American cities and look around, especially along the eastern seaboard. Therein one will find ethnic enclaves

  • A little diversity goes a long way

    One of the many badges worn by Air Force personnel is the military parachutist's badge. It is a set of outstretched, upward curving wings centered on an inflated parachute canopy with extended shroud lines. In the Air Force, this badge is most often found on combat controllers, pararescue personnel

  • The trail to CFC's success leads to you

    It is no wonder why the Combined Federal Campaign is so important. From epilepsy to very rare forms of terminal disorders, CFC has become a source of information and an organization upon which families can rely and find strength within its family support structure. The 2009 charitable contributions

  • 433rd tees off for good cause

    Golf is an unforgiving sport, and is probably one of the most frustrating games known to man. It creates a compounding frustration that often leads to swearing and hating yourself at times, but because of an apparent masochistic love for the game, golfers somehow find their way back to the course