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  • $15 Minimum wage increase for federal agencies

    On January 21, 2022, federal agencies were instructed to raise the minimum wage to $15 for their workers, per the executive order signed by President Joe Biden, and memo from the Office of Personnel Management. The purpose of the increase is to ensure fair wages for workers across the United States


    Heroes of the Air Force Reserve,As we look over the horizon of 2022, we see a new year with new and more lethal threats.

  • But it's all natural!

    The air floods thick with pollen every spring. This is nature’s way of saying; “I’m alive and ready for the new year.” The ensuing blanket of yellow is followed by shouts and gestures resembling a mother’s reaction to finding a can of open paint in the same room with the rapture of children at

  • Check in before they check out

    He had cleaned out his locker so he could go home and kill himself. He squeezed out the front door of his junior high school carrying a pile of books, two sweaters, a baseball bat, a glove and a small tape recorder (remember those things?). Of course, it was too much and he tripped, objects

  • Nurtrition tips for PT test

    The night before taking the physical fitness test, you should eat a healthy, balanced dinner and avoid drinking alcohol. A healthy balanced meal includes a lean source of protein (fish, chicken, or turkey), vegetables, and a source of complex carbohydrates (pasta, bagel, whole grain breads, rice,