433rd Airlift Wing hosts JBSA annual IRR Muster

  • Published
  • By Minnie Jones
  • 433rd Airlift Wing Public Affairs
Col. Thomas Smith, 433rd Airlift Wing commander, greeted over 200 hundred Inactive Ready Reserve to the first 433rd Airlift Wing, sponsored IRR Muster here, July 9 at the Inter-American Air Forces Academy auditorium.

He started off the Muster by welcoming the group of IRR members to the event and thanking them for their patriotism and for serving in the Air Force. During his greeting, he explained the purpose of attending the Muster. As a wing commander, he wanted to ensure members knew their basic benefits and entitlements. He also informed the group that that there were Reserve openings within the wing.

The annual Muster is mandated by Air Reserve Personnel Center and by Title 10, United States Code (U.S.C.) Section 12319. A Muster is a screening to update personal information and receive briefings and information on IRR benefits. During the annual Muster, participants from a 150-mile radius meet and are paid approximately $210 for participating, will turn-in the paperwork and forms, and will receive briefings on veteran's benefits, civilian employment information, career opportunities, and their responsibilities, while in IRR status.

“This year’s Muster is a win-win situation for the Air Force and the members as a whole,” said Capt. Diana Pena, 433rd Airlift Wing, JBSA IRR project manager. “For the Air Force, IRR members are a huge asset to the Air Force as a whole, because individuals have been trained, and they have a skill level. Sometimes after separation, members may begin to miss the military, so this is a great opportunity for them to find out what positions are available, and that the Air Force still needs them.”

Among the mandatory briefings, other vendors such as the USO, Veteran Affairs, Recruiters from the Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard and the Civil Air Patrol, were in attendance.

The Muster also proved beneficial for military recruiters participating in the event, with a showing of 84 leads for a four-hour workday.

“The biggest reason that we like to attend the Muster and help host it as much as we can, is because of the pool of people that are already AFSC qualified, have experience, and can be an instant asset to the Air Force Reserve and the 433rd Airlift Wing or the Reserve Individual Mobilization Augmentee program, which ever Service, can be a good fit for them,” said Chief Master Sgt. Michael Nienhaus, 433rd Airlift Wing Recruiter Squadron flight chief.

According to the Air Reserve Personnel Center’s website, the president may recall up to 200,000 Ready Reserve members from all Department of Defense components for up to 365 days of which no more than 30,000 may be members of the IRR. The president may also recall up to one million Ready Reserve members from all services for a period not to exceed 24 months. Congress, when declaring a national emergency, may recall all Reserve members, including the Ready, Standby and Retired populations.

It is also important to note members of the IRR are not required to train regularly, but are subject to muster duty, mobilization and exercise participation. Airmen in the nonparticipating IRR are also required to maintain basic issue uniform items; keep contact info up to date with ARPC; and register/validate Civilian Employment Information annually.

“This was a first class event. I’ve done a lot of Musters over the years, but the planning and execution of this event was by far the smoothest that I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of,” said Nienhaus.

For more information, on the IRR Muster, contact the ARPC at 800-525-0102.