International students visit Alamo Wing

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  • 433rd Airlift Wing Public Affairs
Thirty-four students from the Inter-American Air Force Academy visited the Alamo Wing as part of their immersion curriculum Nov. 15, 2017 here. The tour began at the 433rd Maintenance Squadron where the students saw the sheet metal and structural shops.

The students watched Reserve Citizen Airmen repairing the underside of a damaged C-5 wing from a recent bird strike. Next, students moved to the flight-line where they got to see the C-5M Super Galaxy aircraft.

The C-5M tour allowed students to the view the troop compartment, cargo hold, and flight deck. The last stop took the students to the engine shop to see the complexity of the Super Galaxy's engine up close.

"Tour's like these show our international students our military structure, the roles and responsibilities of leadership, teaching empowerment is very important," said Mateo Gonzalez, IAAFA instructor, "Its good for our students to see the first, second, and third levels of maintenance, from the flight line to the back shops."