• Hybrid Work Environment is now

    Due to the work of a small group of action officers from various directorates across the headquarters, the future is now as AFRC is returning to full capacity through a hybrid work environment, reaching phase four assessment and evaluation over the next 12 months.

  • DAF releases update on telework, remote work guidance

    The DAF guidance memorandum, DoDI1035.01_DAFI 36-816 Telework Program, provides necessary clarification and expands the Department’s use of telework and remote work based on current lessons learned, pending a comprehensive review of the Department of the Air Force telework program.

  • DoD CIO launches new cloud computing services for Air Force teleworkers

    When telework first expanded to support the COVID-19 pandemic, approximately ten thousand users accessed available systems worldwide. As social distancing increased telework requirements, more than one hundred thousand teleworkers accessed the network. This huge increase led to slow and spotty