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The 433rd Airlift Wing has received its first Avionics Modernization Program, or AMP'd, C-5A. The program takes the C-5A flight deck instrumentation and updates the controls to modern digital instruments. Aircraft #68-000214 is the 47th C-5A Galaxy to undergo the upgrade. AMP upgrades are planned for 111 of the C-5As in the Air Force fleet and are scheduled to be completed in 2014, including all of the C-5s here at Lackland. The AMP program is designed to keep the Galaxy aircraft viable for the next several decades.
It is an important addition to the Alamo Wing's fleet of aircraft and fills the need for both operational missions and training performed by the C-5 Formal Training Unit. All future C-5 air crews are trained at the Lackland facility before they join a flying unit.
Members of the media are invited to come see the difference the new technology makes on March 7, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. Media will have the opportunity to video/photograph the new flight deck and one from a legacy aircraft to show comparison. Air crew members and maintainers, qualified on both configurations, will be available for interviews.


Media Advisory: For more information, or to RSVP, contact the 433rd AW Public Affairs Office at (210) 925-5194 or through the 433rd AW Command Post at (210) 925-4330 and ask for the on-call PA Officer.
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