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Force Structure Changes to affect 31 Air Force Reserve locations

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The Air Force plans to change manpower authorizations and retire some of its older aircraft, according to a fiscal 2010 force structure realignment announced June 25.

The realignment supports the FY10 President's Budget Request. Unrelated to the FY 10 force structure realignment, the Air Force Reserve's end strength will grow from 67,400 to 69,500. This increase in manpower authorizations in FY 10 represents approximately 2,100 Airmen for emerging mission areas such as cyber, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, unmanned aerial systems and the nuclear enterprise.

The Air Force outlined changes at 31 Air Force Reserve Command locations and said some of the numbers are subject to change.

The 433rd Airlift Wing, a unit equipped with C-5s, has a decrease of eight AGRs and an increase of eight ARTs as a result of developments in regionalizing C-5 isochronal inspections and has an increase of one ART as a result of the Airlift Control Flight restructure. Total impact is a decrease of eight AGR and increase of nine ART positions.

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