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  • Keep mobile devices cyber safe

    Did you know that cybercriminals and hackers are always thinking up clever new ways to exploit your devices? Cybercrime damages are forecast to cost $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, and there were 153 million malware examples from March 2021 to February 2022[i]. In this article, we'll share some of

  • Staying cyber safe over Memorial Day weekend

    Officially, Memorial Day in the United States is the day we set aside to remember and honor those members of the Armed Forces who have fallen in battle defending our liberty. Unofficially, though, many people see this weekend as the start of the summer travel season, and will be hitting the beach to


    About six months ago, I had the honor of representing our nation at the annual NATO days in the Czech Republic. The primary focus of my visit was to continue to strengthen military-to‑military relationships across the alliance. Foremost in the minds of our allies was increasing Russian aggression. I

  • Department of Defense Launches New Cyber Awareness Campaign

     The first email in history was sent in 1971, by a computer engineer named Ray Tomlinson. Later that same year the first computer virus, a simple worm-type program named Creeper, was written and released by Bob Thomas. For the few months in between, none of the very few people who had access to

  • April Fitness Tips

    Spring Circuit  5 minutes of stretching5-10 minutes of cardio – bike, outside quick jog, or jump rope1 minute of step up’s holding 5-10lb dumbbells1-2 minute plank5-10 minutes of cardio – bike, outside quick jog, or jump rope1 minute pushups1 minute situps5-10 minutes of cardio – bike, outside quick

  • Dental IMR – Understanding Dental Classes

    Have you ever been confused about what your dental technician and the dentist are saying during your appointment? When they say things like caries, periodontics or when they talk about your dental class. Well, I am going to help you understand the meaning behind a dental class.


    Heroes of the Air Force Reserve,As we look over the horizon of 2022, we see a new year with new and more lethal threats.

  • But it's all natural!

    The air floods thick with pollen every spring. This is nature’s way of saying; “I’m alive and ready for the new year.” The ensuing blanket of yellow is followed by shouts and gestures resembling a mother’s reaction to finding a can of open paint in the same room with the rapture of children at