Special Warfare SEL Emphasizes Warrior Ethos During NCO Induction Ceremony

  • Published
  • By Julian Hernandez
  • 433rd Airlift Wing Public Affairs

The 433rd Airlift Wing and the 960th Cyberspace Wing welcomed a new crop of non-commissioned officers during an NCO Induction Ceremony organized by the Rising Six Council on Apr. 6 at the Inter-American Air Forces Academy Auditorium, here.   

NCO Induction Ceremonies serve as an official welcoming to the NCO Corps for Airmen who have accepted the responsibility of enlisted leadership. 

During the ceremony, the inductees received the NCO Charge, which outlines responsibilities and expectations for all Air Force NCOs and took the oath of induction.  

The new NCOs were also taught about the heroism of Master Sgt. John Chapman, an Air Force combat controller awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in combat against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan in March 2002. Chapman is recognized as an embodiment of the warrior ethos and an exemplary Air Force NCO.


In keeping with the warrior ethos theme, the Rising Six Council invited Chief Master Sgt. Nathan Cox, Special Warfare Training Group senior enlisted leader, as the guest speaker.  

Cox has 28 years of active-duty service and has served in a variety of positions within ACC, AFSOC, AETC, JSOC, and PACAF. Throughout his career, he has served as a Pararescue team leader, AETC instructor, sensitive activities operator, Flight Chief, Combat Development 

Superintendent, and Squadron Superintendent. Cox has 14 deployments in support of Secretary of Defense directed and overseas contingency operations. 

He outlined the warrior ethos as, “Honing the skills of disciplined violence, embracing adversity, accepting pain, expecting loss, and expecting victory.” Cox noted the Air Force does not offer an official definition of the warrior ethos and offered those points based on his personal experiences and reflections.  

“Warriors are not defined by their proximity to the battlefield,” Cox said. “Warriors are defined by how you fight… You can be a finance troop and exhibit the warrior spirit by fighting your fight, doing the right things, pushing through the grind, and not giving in to complacency and bad attitudes… That is your battlefield and that is your fight.”  

Cox challenged the new NCOs he was addressing to ensure each day they are living up to the expectations outlined in the charge and oath of induction  

He said, “We don’t earn our ranks, we don’t earn our positions. I don’t say that to mean you shouldn’t be proud of what you’ve achieved, but what you earn is trust. Ranks and positions of authority… those are entrusted, they’re not earned… You have to be worthy of that trust.” 

433rd AW Commander Col. William Gutermuth addressed his newest NCOs following Cox’s powerful speech, also highlighting the importance of the warrior ethos and spirit. 

“Yes, we are reservists, and yes, we do a lot of training here on UTA weekends in San Antonio,” Gutermuth said. “But there is a big world out there that’s under a lot of pressure and a lot of threats.” 

Gutermuth added, “We are the ones who stand to make sure freedom reigns. I place my greatest thanks in those of you who are willing to take the flag and carry it forward, knowing there is risk and there are threats.”  

Congratulations to the following NCOs inducted on April 6th, 2024: 

Staff Sgt. Nichole Carroll, 74th Aerial Port Squadron 

Staff Sgt. Jexsira Detoma, 433rd Security Forces Squadron 

Staff Sgt. Warren Findley, 433rd Civil Engineer Squadron 

Staff Sgt. Mariah Gonzales, 433rd Operational Support Squadron 

Staff Sgt. Justin Jones, 26th Aerial Port Squadron  

Staff Sgt. Luis Martinez, 433rd Aeromedical Staging Squadron 

Staff Sgt. Julia Mortag, 433rd Aeromedical Staging Squadron 

Staff Sgt. Michael Norlin, 433rd Airlift Wing Command Post 

Staff Sgt. Jennifer Quiroz, 433rd Aerospace Medicine Squadron 

Staff Sgt. Frederick Smith, 26th Aerial Port Squadron 

Staff Sgt. Yolanda Vazquez-Jaimes, 433rd Force Support Squadron 

Staff Sgt. Steven Green, 433rd Force Support Squadron 

Staff Sgt. Carson Lafferty, 433rd Civil Engineer Squadron  

Staff Sgt. Tekorie Broughton, 433rd Civil Engineer Squadron  

Staff Sgt. Gregory Martinez, 50th Network Warfare Squadron, 960th Cyberspace Wing