Department of Defense action lowers prices on most commissary items

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  • Arnold Engineering Development Complex Public Affairs

The Department of Defense recently announced that it will fully fund the nearly 240 commissaires around the world operated by the Defense Commissary Agency, allowing savings to be passed on to commissary patrons.

Changes to the commissary funding model are part of the DOD “Taking Care of Service Members and Families” initiative unveiled in September. The DOD will allocate more funds to subsidize commissary prices, an action that eliminates the requirement for DeCA to earn a profit margin from higher prices to pay for operating costs.

Through this, DeCA is able to lower prices on most items by 3 to 5%, including food staples such as bread, milk and eggs, resulting in immediate savings for shoppers. Families who spend $200 per week at the commissary can expect to save $50 on the most commonly purchased groceries.

Customers are expected to see the price changes over the coming weeks if they haven’t already.

The savings are available to all eligible commissary patrons by shopping at their local commissary or by using CLICK2GO, the commissary’s online ordering platform.

By ensuring DeCA can cut grocery prices at the register, the DOD wishes to achieve an overall savings of at least 25% on commissary grocery bills compared to the local marketplace.

Because it is mandated by law, commissaires will continue to collect a surcharge, which is currently 5%, to pay for commissary construction, equipment and maintenance. This surcharge is applied to the total value of each commissary purchase and shows up on the sales receipt as “SCG.”

For more information, visit the DeCA website at or the Military OneSource webpage on the “Taking Care of Our Service Members and Families” initiative at