myFSS Migration

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  • Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center

The Department of the Air Force is giving myPers and the virtual Personnel Center (vPC) a technical refresh by migrating current capabilities to my Force Support Squadron (myFSS).

The new platform improves services to Airmen and Guardians, consolidates human resource applications, and reduces IT investments and vulnerabilities.
While the Air Force is working to provide these new capabilities, the initial delivery will not be a 100 percent solution. Minimum capabilities are being delivered now while integrating continuous process improvement and feedback to deliver a better product in the long term. Airmen and Guardians are encouraged to submit user feedback through the A1 Service Desk to aid with developing and improving capabilities.

As part of the migration, the Education Benefits and IMA Training applications will be available through the “myEducation” tile on the myFSS home page beginning June 20. The application will allow Reserve members to engage with service technicians on transfer of education benefits, Reserve tuition assistance, Post 9/11 GI Bill letter of certification requests and Individual Mobilization Augmentee Training.

Through the application, technicians will process TEB applications from start to finish. The servicing center will contact Reserve members regarding their TEB applications directly from myFSS. The application improves eligibility verification and enables member and technician interaction.

Through the Reserve Tuition Assistance function, IMAs can submit degree updates, counseling, missing grades, degree plan inquiries and funding requests. Email notification will be provided to members when the IMA inquiry is received, in the queue for processing and when the technician completes the inquiry.
The application will also support Post 9/11 GI Bill letter of certification requests. The Post-9/11 GI Bill helps Airmen pay for school or job training if they’ve served on active duty after September 10, 2001, or if they have transferred their benefits to the Post 9/11 GI Bill from the Montgomery GI Bill. This application will allow technicians to create and manage cases to certify Selected-Reserve Airmen who are eligible to receive certain education and/or training benefits based off their retirement point summaries and calculators.

Reservist members serving as IMAs can submit their training waiver, seasoning training, correspondence course, and formal schools requests through the myFSS platform. Additionally, IMAs can submit their 2096 to their Detachment for approval and updating in MilPDS.
For more information about these functions, members can use the “Ask A Question” button or Chatter Tile on the myFSS homepage. Questions will be routed to the Total Force Service Center. Members can also reach out to the TFSC by calling 1-800-525-0102.

For login or other technical issues, the A1 Service Desk can be reached at

For general support from other Airmen and Guardians, join the myEval and myDecs communities of practice on the A1 Delivers! Platform.

Members can access the latest job aids for myEval and myDecs in the myFSS Training Library.