EAP services supports civilian in need

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  • By Estella Holmes, Air Force Materiel Command

EAP services supports civilian in need

Nothing gives credence to the reliability and constancy of the support the Employee Assistance Program provides, like a person who has first-hand knowledge of the ease and workability of the resource.

The Air Force EAP provides civilian employees with free, confidential resources and support to help manage normal everyday life challenges that may impact job performance and personal wellbeing.

Lesley Darley, AFMC Community Support Program Manager, had used EAP services in the past, and most recently received support for elder care through Worklife4You. This service within EAP assists with everyday stressors.

“EAP was initially contacted for assistance in locating an assisted living home to move my mother-in-law after my father-in-law passed away, and within 24 hours, a resource connection was made by phone through WorkLife4You. It was so easy. I contacted the 1-888 number, described what I needed and they immediately connected me with the right department,” said Darley.

Navigating resources for an aging parent can be a difficult and emotional time, as well as very challenging.

Darley explained that a list of assisted living homes with availability, quality rating and cost was provided directly to her email address.

“We scheduled appointments for tours and secured a new home for my mother-in-law within a week,” said Darley.

Soon after relocating her mother-in law, a related issue arose which required further assistance from EAP.

“EAP was again contacted for legal assistance to help in making decisions on selling my mother-in-law’s home, what to do with her assets, and other related issues. EAP contacted a lawyer in my state who specialized in elder care, and his secretary called me directly to schedule a free consultation and an appointment that met my schedule,” said Darley.

They decided to retain the lawyer and received a discount on his hourly rate because they went through EAP. They are still working with that lawyer through the process of applying for Medicaid.

Unfortunately, a few months after Darley’s mother-in-law relocated to the assisted living home, her health declined, and transfer to a nursing home was needed.

“EAP was immediately contacted again, and a specialist responded the following day,” said Darley.

Darley answered a few questions about the level of care needed, the budget and other services and was provided a list of nursing homes with Medicaid Quality Ratings, costs, and the services which were included, within three business days.

Darley confirmed contacting EAP several times in the last 12 months.

After access from EAP sources, a follow-up call to Darley was always made to ensure needs were met.

EAP is a one-stop resource for support available for civilian employees to make it easy to find what they need, when they need it.

The Air Force EAP and Worklife4You bundle of services and resources provides support on two levels: Air Force EAP provides counseling, financial and legal services, whereas Worklife4You provides a “concierge-like” service to help assist with every day stressors, no matter how large or small.

All Air Force civilians, including Armed Police Force and Non-appropriated Fund as well as Guard, Reserve and their family members, have full access to the program at no charge. This includes any Army personnel that fall under the organization’s area of responsibility.

“The support throughout the EAP process was even better than expected,” said Darley. “Although I was aware of some of the services offered through EAP, I didn't realize how valuable they would be until I was in a time of need.”

The EAP has a new phone number: 1-866-580-9078 and the web address is: www.AFPC.af.mil/EAP. Access continues to be available around the clock by telephone, website or in-person.