AGR Assignments Process Update

  • Published
  • By Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center Public Affairs

Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center has made adjustment for on-boarding Active Guard Reserve members. The adjustments enable Airmen to get their next assignment faster with quicker advertisements, efficient selections and reduced order times.

The objective of these changes is to reach an end strength target of 6,003 assigned AGRs in five months.

Effective immediately, through October 1, 2022, Airmen will be armed with the following tools:

- An industry standard assignment system: Talent Marketplace

- Rapid hiring timelines: 15 days for billet owners to make a selection

- Abbreviated processing times: orders in hand 15 days prior to a Permanent Change of Assignment, and 45 days prior to a Permanent Change of Station

- Flexible onboarding: Report "in place" prior to PCS

- No need to wait: Reenlist or extend after orders begin

- Expedited AGR Medical Certification from Reserve Medical Units

For more information about these adjustments, members can reach out to their servicing Military Personnel Section, or submit a ticket through the Total Force Support Center or call at 1 800 525 0102.