Cyber Security - Be Vigilant, Be Safe

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Cyber Security is always a relevant and important topic, but it is even more crucial in the current moment. As the Russia-Ukraine conflict evolves, remaining vigilant against the increased risk of cyberattacks is paramount for all government, services, civilians, and defense program partners. Recently, DISA announced they will be disseminating refresher training to the workforce to “minimize cybersecurity incidents and attacks on DOD Systems.” JKO offers refresher training now. The DOD Cyber Awareness Challenge 2022 is currently available on JKO, as well as Cyber Awareness Challenges of past years. Now is a good time to refresh your understanding of the social engineering scams targeting all of us, and cyber hygiene best practices to protect against being hacked.

Remember, these scams pose serious threats to the DOD and other government organizations. Be vigilant and stay alert. If you receive a suspicious email, text message, or phone call requesting personal, financial, or system-related information, report it to the appropriate security authority. Do not click unverified links. Do not answer unknown numbers (make sure your voicemail box is not full). Do not give out information or follow instructions from unverified personnel. Do not post about upcoming travel on social media sites. Do not accept friend requests from people you do not know. Do not share unverified information or contribute to the spreading of disinformation.

Be vigilant. Be safe.

For more information, visit or search for Cyber Awareness in the JKO Catalog.