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New to TRICARE? Check Out TRICARE 101

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  • By TRICARE Communications

Are you a recent TRICARE enrollee, newly eligible to enroll, or even a seasoned user? If you have any questions about your TRICARE benefits, you should first check out the TRICARE 101 page. Here, you can find information and resources to help answer questions about TRICARE and your coverage.
“The TRICARE 101 page can point you to every aspect of TRICARE you might have questions about,” said Robert Agnello, deputy chief of the Digital Communications, TRICARE Web and Publications at the Defense Health Agency. “The page is a helpful resource, especially if you’re new to TRICARE and just trying to understand how TRICARE works.”
Here’s a preview of what the TRICARE 101 page highlights.                                                                                    
1. What is TRICARE?
TRICARE is the health care program for active duty service members, National Guard and Reserve members, retirees, and their eligible family members. Your service personnel office determines your eligibility. Check out the TRICARE 101 page for a list of those eligible for TRICARE and to learn how to check whether you’re eligible for TRICARE.
2. Where can I get care?
Depending on your plan, you may be able to get care from either a military hospital or clinic, or a civilian provider. Your civilian network options will depend on what region you’re in. Learn more about provider types and how to find a military or civilian doctor by going to TRICARE 101.
3. What plans can I choose from?
There are a number of TRICARE plans available. And as outlined in the TRICARE Plans Overview, your eligibility for health plans depends on your beneficiary category, your sponsor status, and your location. On the TRICARE 101 page, choose the option that best describes you to see what health and dental plans you may be eligible for. Or, you can choose from the list of TRICARE plans to learn more about each one. Once you know your plan, you can visit the Enroll or Purchase a Plan page for steps you need to take to get TRICARE coverage for you or a family member.
You may want to know what TRICARE covers. You can find resources highlighted on the TRICARE 101 page to help you figure out what health, dental, and pharmacy services TRICARE covers.
If you’re looking for how much TRICARE costs, you can start on the TRICARE 101 page. Each TRICARE plan has different costs for care and coverage. Depending on who you are and the plan you’re in, you may have out-of-pocket costs for certain covered services.
4. How do I get started?
The TRICARE 101 page highlights how easy getting started with TRICARE can be in three steps:

  • Confirm your eligibility
  • Explore your health plan options
  • Decide which is right for you and enroll (if required)

5. Where can I find more information?
In addition to TRICARE 101, you can find other helpful resources on the TRICARE website, including the TRICARE Newsroom, TRICARE Publications, and Frequently Asked Questions.

You can also sign up to receive email updates from TRICARE. This is one way to know when new information is available about your health care, dental care, mental health care, and pharmacy benefits.
There is a lot to know about TRICARE. To help start your new TRICARE journey off right, be sure to explore the information and resources featured on the TRICARE 101 page. If you have any questions, remember you can always reach out to your TRICARE contractor