Alamo Wing Welcomes AFRC Inspectors

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Brittany Wich
  • 433rd Airlift Wing/Public Affairs

The 433rd Airlift Wing anticipates the arrival of Air Force Reserve Command inspectors for the unit effectiveness inspection, also known as the capstone, here June 3-7.

The UEIs are maintained on a 24-36 month cycle, which evaluate all areas of the wing and give program managers the ability to ask for help and generate new ideas for shortcomings.

Lt. Col. Fred McMahon, 433rd AW Inspector General of Inspections director, whose role during the UEI is to monitor and provide training and assistance to the unit, discussed the purpose of the inspection.

The purpose of the UEI is “…to verify we are doing our mission safely, correctly and effectively,” said McMahon.

According to McMahon, the efficient way to approach the inspection is for program managers is to be honest about shortcomings and offer solutions to fix the problem or request a waiver to generate new methods to improve the unit.

“As IGI, we are facilitators; we’re hoping the plan is no preparation,” said McMahon. “It should be business as normal so if there is any last minute prepping, it’s kind of a waste of their time because they have already been looking at us. They have already seen our weak spots and strengths long before they even get here.”

McMahon said the UEI is continuous; as one inspection cycle closes, the next one starts.

Before the in-person visit, the inspectors are able to review an electronic data set on the Management Internal Control Toolset program. This program allows program managers the ability to upload their data and findings regularly for the purpose of tracking effectiveness within the unit.

Inspectors visit in-person, areas of the unit that they were unable to examine online or had further questions for the program manager.

McMahon said there will be an open forum with one-on-one and group sessions members can give feedback to inspectors for the improvement of the unit.  

January 2018 was the last inspection for the unit.