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Be Bright, Be Safe and Be Seen

  • Published
  • By Tanja Orwig
  • 502nd Air Base Wing Safety Office

The Joint Base San Antonio Safety Office urges all JBSA location pedestrians, joggers and bikers to become familiar with reflective equipment requirements to ensure their safety during the hours of decreased visibility. 

"Be Bright, Be Safe, Be Seen" is aimed at all road users; pedestrians, cyclists’ runners and drivers of all types of vehicles, to highlight the importance of being extra-cautious throughout the year in times of low visibility and darkness.

Most cyclists, pedestrians and runners don't realize that they are virtually invisible at dusk, dawn, and at night. Many figure that since they can see, they can be seen.

Unfortunately, motorists have an extremely hard time seeing people in poor lighting conditions. It's important for drivers to pay special attention to the path ahead of them and expect the unexpected; especially on JBSA with all the changes and improvements to our buildings and constant street construction.

Pedestrians and joggers need to assess the risk and have situational awareness of their surroundings at all times, even more so during the hours of reduced visibility. 

According to Department of Defense Instruction 6055.4, DOD Traffic Safety Program, which is applicable to all services states, pedestrians should use paths or sidewalks along roadways, walk facing oncoming traffic when paths or sidewalks are not available, and wear reflective outer garments during periods of darkness or reduced visibility.

The instruction also requires the use of applicable fluorescent or reflective personal protective equipment by all DOD personnel exposed to traffic hazards as part of their assigned duties, such as marching troops, police, firefighters, emergency medical services, road construction crews, electricians or telephone repair personnel working on outside overhead lines.

To assist in increasing visibility, there are many products like reflective belts, armbands, clip-on reflectors, and stickers on clothes or bags to aid in making a person be noticed. The choice is yours and the options are endless. 

For service or command specific requirements related to pedestrian and bicycle safety and the use of reflective gear during the limited hours of visibility and darkness, contact your organizations safety representative for guidance. (See Army Regulations 385-10 and 670-1, Air Force Instruction 91-207 and Operational Navy Instruction 5100.12J)

Remember, choices matter and the choice you make, whether driving or walking, may save your life or the life of someone else.  So, Be Bright, Be Safe and Be Seen.