433rd Airlift Wing

The 433rd Airlift Wing, also known as the Alamo Wing, is an Air Force Reserve unit with approximately 2,500 members stationed in San Antonio, Texas. The wing headquarters and its 21 subordinate units are tenants at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland.

The 433rd AW was the first Air Force Reserve wing to be unit-equipped with the C-5A Galaxy aircraft. The unit transitioned to the upgraded C-5M Super Galaxy in June 2016. The unit is authorized eight C-5Ms in its inventory. The C-5M, the world's second largest aircraft, is designed to provide massive strategic airlift for deployment and supply of combat and support forces worldwide.

The 433rd AW traces its history to an active-duty Air Force unit organized in 1943. In 1955, it was assigned to the Air Force Reserve at Brooks Air Force Base, Texas, and moved to Kelly Air Force Base, Texas, in 1960.

When activated, the 433rd AW is gained by the Air Mobility Command. As a Reserve unit, its activities are not limited to just training. Many training missions yield valuable by-products of passengers and cargo moved.

Reservists travel worldwide in support of the Air Force mission. Most Alamo Wing members live in San Antonio and the surrounding area.  This contributes to an unusually high esprit de corps and community spirit.  The enlisted members, officers and civilians of the wing look upon their unit as a community resource.  As such, they work extensively with youth groups, senior citizens, handicapped and other civic charitable organizations. The wing community set a record for the most blood ever donated on a one-day drive in San Antonio.

Over the years, the wing also flew many humanitarian relief missions to aid victims of natural disasters, to include Central American aid in the wake of Hurricane Mitch and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

In the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the Alamo Wing was a major player in Operation Enduring Freedom. Ten percent of the 10,000 Air Force Reservists -- or 1,000 troops -- activated for OEF came from the 433rd AW.

The wing's airlift mission acquired a new facet in the summer of 2007 when the C-5 Formal Training Unit (the schoolhouse) made its new home at the Alamo Wing, training all Reserve, Guard and active duty Air Force C-5 aircrews.

Since its activation, the Alamo Wing has enjoyed the esteem of the San Antonio military community as well as that of the Reserve forces. Under today's Total Force Policy the wing is an integral part of America's defense forces. As a C-5M unit, the Alamo Wing stands ready to provide combat ready airlift and many other types of missions around the globe on a moment's notice.

(Current as of April 2017)