C-5 Formal Training Unit

The Air Force Reserve's C-5 Formal Training Unit (FTU) provides initial and advanced C-5 flight qualification for the entire fleet of 111 C-5 A/B aircraft. The C-5 is operated by three major commands; Air Mobility Command, the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Command. Over 70 selectively manned aircrew instructors train and produce up to 500 aircrew members in nine different courses for pilots, loadmasters and engineers at every level. The FTU also provides training continuity oversight for C-5 simulators for approximately nine simulators across the country. The 433rd Airlift Wing C-5 Formal Training Unit Complex is the go-to source for C-5 expertise.
The FTU operates the 16 C-5A aircraft assigned to the 433rd Airlift Wing. A normal daily flight schedule consists of four sorties per day, with an average of three pattern sorties and one off-station sortie for Air Refueling.
The first students graduated from the flight training program on October 6, 2006. The complete compliment of courses are scheduled to completely transfer from Altus AFB, Okla., by April of 2007. At that point, all academics and simulator training will be transferred then.

Building construction

Four new buildings and one renovation, make up the C-5 FTU Complex. The Military Construction project cost about $23.1 million and was completed in 18 months.

Types of courses:

Pilot - Pilot (formerly Copilot) and Aircraft Commander Initial Qualification
AC Air Refueling (ACAR)
Instructor Airland (IAC)
Senior Officer Course (SOC)

Flight Engineer - Initial Qualification
Basic Flight Engineer - a course managed by AETC until the aircrew center of excellence is complete.

Loadmaster - Loadmaster Initial Qualification

Positions created by the C-5 Formal Traing Unit
Permanent Party Information

356 Airlift Squadron - 47 full time ART positions + 34 traditional reservists

733 Training Squadron (performs role of 97 TRS at Altus) - 15 Full time positions (ARTs, Civilians and 2 AGR)

Detachment 6, AMC Air Ops Sq. - 24 Active duty flyers (from AMC) to support transition, 9 AD and civilian members for simulator certification and courseware development

433 Maintenance Group - 92 additional full time positions

Aircrew Training System (ATS) Info (contractors)

Approx. 100 contractor personnel from FlightSafety Services Corp. and LB&B

2 - Weapon System Trainers (Full motion simulators)
1 - Flight Deck Procedures Trainer
2 - Loadmaster Training Device
1 - Air Refueling Part Task Trainer